Today, stylish, high quality and logo bag products that enable retail customers to carry their products are an important promotional tool. It is a product that enables companies to interact with their customers and new customers, and you can use reusable bags to advertise your company in the most effective and least costly manner, and you can increase your awareness in the market effectively. Printed and recyclable nonwoven bags ensure that the marketing message you want to give reaches the target audience, and effective product advertising is a visually printed advertising tool, it has a positive effect on your company’s advertising image as it is environmentally friendly and reusable.

In visual printed products, we apply high print quality and high resolution images to the product with advanced technology in 4-color printing machines. We allow the use of all surfaces of the bag as printed, with the ultrasonic method, we can create your designs that emphasize the visuality with less sewing and stylish models that do not spoil the visual.

Box Bags Are Wıdely Used In Shopıng, Exhıbıtıons, Promotıon And Food Sectors.

We Manufacture Especıally For Busınesses Makıng Boxed Servıces Such As Pızza, Baklava, Hamburger, Cake And Nuts, In The Requested Model And Sıze.

Special production can be made in all special sizes.                                                                  

Width:10-80 cm

Height:20-58 cm

Gusset:0-38 cm

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