About Us

GRN Pack is aiming to produce products that do not harm the environment in the fields of bags, packaging and promotions. Our primary goal is to provide quality and timely delivery to our customers, while producing mainly Ultrasonic and textile stitched cloth bags in this direction.
Increasing environmental problems started to be felt more and more in our lives, which led to the emergence of environmental awareness in people. Thus, the concept of sustainability entered our lives as a priority concept in the process of solving these problems.

Considering the damage caused by paper packaging and bag products to the natural environment with the destruction of forest areas every year, and the environmental pollution caused by plastic products. We share the pride of being an enterprise that produces sustainable value and service with an environmentally friendly approach, using non-woven fabrics.
Since the raw material of nonwoven cloth bags is Polypropylene (PP), it is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. Cloth bags are reusable. Standard plastic bags, on the other hand, contain oils, gases and pigment, metal, etc., which are very risky substances for the environment and our health. Our point of view is that it should not be used in the face of environmental problems and the necessity of producing solutions to these problems due to the fact that it is produced using additional materials, moving away from this problematic raw material, and making environmentally friendly products by making changes in strategic packaging as a result.

In line with our main goals we have stated, we can produce to the markets, stores, desserts (baklava), patisseries, restaurants (restaurants), bakery products, pizza, hamburgers, nuts, promotions, etc. We aim to serve the sectors with nature-friendly materials at high quality and reasonable prices.

Our Mission

To produce permanent products that do not harm the natural environment, with high quality, innovative and differentiated products that benefit the society we live in, and to provide our customers with a service beyond their expectations by adhering to economic and moral principles.
To be the reliable and distinguished ambassador of the Turkish packaging industry in the world by producing within the framework of cultural values ​​and international quality standards, together with our employees, who are one of our most valuable stakeholders.

Our Vision

To ensure that natural packaging products are demanded in all areas of use.

With our wide product range; our experienced staff, competitive prices providing quality and fast service to our customers without compromising our quality and we are aiming to be the first choice of our customers by increasing our loyalty, continuity and prestige.